10 Best Scrubs for Nurses in 2022 – How to Pick Luxury Medical Scrubs?

Best Scrubs for Nurses

Practically, nurses live in their scrubs for more than 12 hours, and this is the reason they want their scrubs and shoes to be comfortable, stylish, and practical. However, finding the best scrubs for nurses is not an easy job. So, while searching for the scrubs nurse, doctors and other medical professionals usually look for: … Read more

On Running Shoes for Nurses Review

This post contains affiliate links and if you make a purchase using our link, we will get a commission. You will not be charged any extra amount of money for that. Our thoughts and opinions are our own and we are on the consumer’s side. This review is honest and is not affected by affiliates. … Read more

Downfall in Student Nurse applications up to 8% following Pandemic


The downfall in student nurse applications up to 8% has been recorded for the undergraduate nursing courses in the United Kingdom and some other countries differently since the last pandemic year as the data speaks.  According to the data revealed by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), 52,150 students applied for the nursing programs in … Read more

Dr.Khairulnissa Anjani – Pakistan’s First Ph.D in Nursing

Dr. Khairulnissa Anjani - Pakistan’s First Ph.D in Nursing

Pakistan’s First Ph.D in Nursing – The Agha Khan University, Karachi took its first step in 2015 to expand its nursing program by adding a Ph.D. opportunity to the nursing education first ever in any medical university in Pakistan. Dr. Khairulnissa Ajani was the first candidate to enroll in this new Ph.D Nursing Program and … Read more

Can Nurses accept Money from Patients? 3 Rules on accepting Gifts from Patients!


Nursing is not an easy job to do. It becomes more complicated when patients want to give money to their caretakers as a gift. Under these circumstances, nurses are confused and ask their seniors can nurses accept money from patients? The short answer is “Yes” and “No” at the same time. For the “yes,” they … Read more

Blacklisted & Banned Nursing Colleges in Pakistan

Blacklisted & Banned Nursing Colleges in Pakistan

Nursing is undoubtedly a valuable profession; besides caring for the patients physically, nurses perform an emotional job while working in the hospitals and clinics . Nurses help sufferers to fight their disease mentally. They are the ones to spend more time with their patients than a doctor does. Furthermore, nurses are equipped with the complete … Read more

25 Interesting Facts about Nurses – Knowledge + Fun-Facts


Knowing facts about any profession is not only very informative but also very entertaining. This so-called infotainment is also present in interesting facts about nurses. These interesting facts are not only informative for the people related to only this profession but for others as well who love medical field and appreciate the hard work medical … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Great Nursing Student


Are you an aspiring nursing student? Do you want to become a great nursing student? Have you been accepted into the program and have no idea how to prepare for your future career? If so, this is the guide for you!  The following are some of the most important tips that will help make your … Read more