Generic BS Nursing (BSN) – 4 Years Degree Program in Pakistan

Many students after completing their A levels and FSc (Pre-Medical) want to get admission in Generic BS Nursing (BSN) 4 years degree program in Pakistan. However, to learn about the core things and what is generic BS Nursing, you need to go through this comprehensive and detailed guide!

What is Generic BS Nursing (BSN)?

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Generic BS Nursing (BSN) is a 4-years nursing degree program. Almost every teaching hospital in Pakistan has its nursing college affiliated with a Medical University where BSN education is offered to the nurses in order to meet the country’s need for professional nurses in the healthcare sector and hospitals. 

These all nursing colleges attached to the teaching hospitals in Pakistan, including government and private nursing colleges, have affiliation with the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC). 

Generic BSN – a 04-years degree program is an approved degree by Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), Pakistan, Islamabad. The degree has an accreditation with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan as well. The complete degree comprises a total of 08 semesters. However, some nursing colleges offer BSN by the annual system and some by dividing the program into semesters. 

After completing these 04 years of studies in Generic BSN, students become eligible for licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) and simultaneously they attain a bachelor’s degree in nursing. 

The BSN degree program prepares knowledgeable and clinically competent, efficient, and professional nurses in Pakistan every year. 

Requirements for Getting Admission in BSN in Pakistan

If you want to get admission in Generic BS Nursing (BSN) in Pakistan then you will have to meet the prerequisite for the course. Following are the requirements for BSN degree programs as approved by the Pakistan Medical Council, different medical universities, and nursing colleges or schools. 


  • Applicant looking to get enrolled in any nursing college for BSN must have passed FSc (Pre-Medical) with 50% marks minimum in every science subject (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Age Limit for BSN

  • So what is the age limit for BSN in Pakistan? Many applicants have doubts regarding age requirements for the BS in Nursing while applying for the admission. However, you must know that the Age limit for BSN in Pakistan is 25 years maximum. Any student having age more than 25 years can not get admission in BSN in Pakistan, however, the nursing college committee or PNC can approve exceptions in case of months or days if seats are vacant.


  • Generic BS Nursing (BSN) in Pakistan is for both males and females. Both genders have equal opportunities to pursue their career as a nurse. However, there are various nursing colleges in Pakistan where some colleges offer admissions to only males and some are there that offer admissions to only females. 

Curriculum for BSN Program in Pakistan

The curriculum for the generic BS Nursing (BSN) program in Pakistan has been designed on international standards and to meet the educational requirements at the International level. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan develops the framework and curriculum for the Generic BS Nursing education as recommended by the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC).

Here is the curriculum and the list of BS Nursing subjects in Pakistan semester-wise!


Serial No:Course TitleTheoryClinicalSkills/LabCredit
1Fundamental of Nursing-I2.0002.004.00
3Anatomy and Physiology-I3.00003.00
4Biochemistry for nurses2.0001.003.00
5English – I2.00002.00
6Computer Skills001.001.00


Serial No:Course TitleTheoryClinicalSkills/LabCredit
1Fundamental of Nursing-II2.
2Anatomy and Physiology-II3.00003.00
3Community Health Nursing Nursing-I2.001.0003.00
4Applied Nutrition1.00001.00
5English – II2.00002.00
6Islamiat *2.00002.00
7Pak. Studies *2.00002.00

Year 02, Semester-III

Serial No:Course TitleTheoryClinicalSkills/LabCredit
1Adult Health Nursing-I4.
3Health Assessment – I1.0001.002.00
4Pharmacology – I2.00002.00
6English – III2.00002.00


Serial No:Course TitleTheoryClinicalSkills/LabCredit
1Adult Health Nursing-II4.
3Health Assessment – II1.0001.002.00
4Developmental Psychology2.00002.00
5Pharmacology – II2.00002.00
6English – IV2.00002.00
7Nursing Ethics1.00001.00


Serial No:Course TitleTheoryClinicalSkills/LabCredit
1Pediatrics Health Nursing3.
2Community Health Nursing – II2.502.501.006.00
3Teaching / Learning: Principles  Practices3.00        0          003.00
4English-V2.00        0          002.00
TOTAL10.5      5.5      2.0018.00


Serial No:Course TitleTheoryClinicalSkills/LabCredit
1Mental Health Nursing3.003.0006.00
2Introduction to Biostatistics2.5000.503.00
3Behavioral Psychology3.00003.00
5English – VI2.00002.00
6Culture, Health, and Society2.00002.00


Serial No:Course TitleTheoryClinicalSkills/LabCredit
1Critical Care Nursing2.504.000.507.00
2Introduction to Nursing Theories2.00002.00
3Leadership and Management in Nursing2.001.0003.00
4Nursing Research3.00003.00
5English – VII2.00002.00


Serial No:Course TitleTheoryClinicalSkills/LabCredit
1Community Health Nursing – III2.003.0005.00
2Nursing Seminar / Role Transition2.00002.00
3Clinical Practicum04.001.005.00

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