Knowing facts about any profession is not only very informative but also very entertaining. This so-called infotainment is also present in interesting facts about nurses. These interesting facts are not only informative for the people related to only this profession but for others as well who love medical field and appreciate the hard work medical staff and doctors do. 

So if you are a nurse, then you must know these interesting facts about nurses. However, if you are not, even then these entertaining fun facts about nurses are a recipe for a jolly mood. Let’s dive into fun facts about nurses and the nursing profession as a whole. 

01. Mother of Nursing

If you haven’t guessed the name, then you do not deserve to wear a nursing uniform. Yes, Florence Nightingale is undisputedly considered the mother of modern nursing. She was born in Italy and brought up in England where she established ‘Nightingale School of Nursing in London. 

She introduced many necessary practices in the medical profession. Hand hygiene, fresh air for the sick, clean and sanitized tools for patients, and a uniform are some practices which owe to her.

02. Symbol for Nursing

Do you know the symbol for nursing? It is a lamp. Florence Nightingale used to carry a lamp when she moved through tents of wounded soldiers during Crimean War. She has also been called ‘the lady with the lamp’ since then. The founder of modern nursing also gave a sublime symbol like a lamp to this ethical profession.

Florence Nightingale – the founder of the nursing profession used her lamp to visit the tents of the wounded and injured soldiers at night to treat and provide nursing care to them. This was the reason, Florence Nightingale was awarded the title “the lady with the lamp”.

03. Work Injury in Nursing

We may get injuries during work. Injuries most of the time depend on the nature of our work. Do you know which injury is encountered by nurses in the field? Based on reported cases and data, it appears to be back pain.

 Lifting and shifting patients causes back pain to health care professionals. Many people are oblivious to this interesting fact about nursing. Out of other interesting facts about nurses or nursing profession, this fact is sad.

04. Honorary Days

The number of honorary days for nurses is also more than the number of honorary days for all other professions. This interesting fact about nursing is quite flattering. The fourth week of May is dedicated to nurses in the United States. 

Student nurses day is celebrated on the 8th of May. International Nurses Day is celebrated on the 12th of May, owing to the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

05. Nurses are on a Long Walk

A nurse walks around about four or five miles during a twelve-hour shift. 4 or 5 kilometers are average numbers and nurses walk even up to 9 miles a day. This long walk still counts the steps on duty. 

The walk outside the hospital is still to be included. This is a comparatively very long walk as most professionals in many other fields only walk two to three kilometers a day. Walking so long while taking care of the patients is so exercising is one of the most interesting facts about nurses.

06. The Most Honest Profession

Gallup has been conducting a survey among American adults for the last 18 years. The participants are asked to rate the honesty and ethics of different professions. The nursing profession has been the #1 profession for the last 18 years when it comes to honesty and ethics. 

Nursing has left behind the noblest professions like doctors, teachers, judges, and even clergymen. Americans are considering nursing the most honest and ethical profession generation after generation. It is quite an interesting fact to know about nurses and the nursing profession.

08. The highest number of vacancies in 2021

According to reports and news, the nursing profession holds three jobs among the top forty jobs in America. Surprisingly enough, a nurse practitioner has made its place at #3 among the top forty jobs. 

Not only that, the federal government of America has predicted 200,000 jobs every year from 2016 to 2020. That’s two million jobs for nurses, higher than any other profession. This interesting fact about nursing is worth noticing.

09. Travel Nurses – Interesting Facts about Nurses

Travel nursing agencies provide nurses to work in different states and even countries. Furthermore, Travel nurses are hired on a contract for a period of four to thirteen weeks long. You can roam and see sights when you are not working with your patients. Travel nurses are highly in demand in almost all categories. 

They get a house allowance, food charges, travel allowance, and the salary as well. Different allowances make travel nursing very lucrative. It also provides an opportunity to make lifelong connections and gain personal as well as professional experience.

10. Walt Whitman

It is an interesting fact about nursing that one of the greatest American poets and essayists Walt Whitman served as a nurse. He worked as a volunteer nurse during the American civil war. 

Some of his famous literary pieces like ‘The Wound Dresser and ‘Memoranda During the War’ are based upon the experiences he gained working as a nurse.

11. Nurses are Doctors

Gone are the days when nurses were only meant for implementing the treatment suggested by the physician. Nowadays nurses can diagnose and suggest a treatment to the patient on their own. Nurse practitioners are common and increasing day by day. 

You can go for the degree of DNP, Doctorate in Nursing Practice if you want to run your clinic. A nurse can go for a master’s degree in midwifery and suggest treatment, prescribe medication and provide health care facilities to the mother and the child.

12. the most honest and ethical profession

All over the world, nursing belongs to one of the most honest and ethical professions. Nurses working in the hospitals and healthcare sectors are very honest with their work and they do honesty for the betterment of their patients in the wards. 

Furthermore, the question exists as that why nursing is the most ethical profession? Well,  nurses are very ethical since they are taught to be ethical during their professional job. Without being an ethical person, it is impossible for one to be a nurse means to take care of the patients. 

Before modern nursing, in World War-I and World War II, nurses played a pivotal role in treating and making the world healthier and safer for their patients with ethics and providing them extensive care without modern medical equipment and modern nursing techniques. 

13. Nurses don’t always work in hospitals

Another interesting fact about nurses is that nurses don’t always work in hospitals. Instead, there are many fields and areas where nurses perform their duties and work to serve humanity adopting alternative ways. 

It is fact that around 60% of nurses perform their duties in hospitals. However, other nurses work in:

  • Ambulatory healthcare services
  • outpatient care centers and 
  • In the doctor offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Residential care communities
  • At government agencies
  • In educational services

14. Nursing is Old      

Nursing is as old as a malady. First known nursing institution can be traced back to 250 BCE. It was established in India and only male students were given education.

WHO declares the year 2020 as the ‘Year of the Nurse and Midwife’ in acknowledgment of the significant services the nurses provide. WHO also observed that nurses are many times the only health care professionals to provide immediate medical treatment.

15. The Nurse Cap

Florence Nightingale used to wear a white nursing cap to hold her hair back while handling the patients. Later on, the white cap-wearing act of Nightingale became synonymous with the nurse and the nursing profession. 

There are different SOPs nowadays about the nurse’s caps, however, still in many countries nurses wear caps. The reason that some countries do not allow nurses to wear caps is they state these caps can carry pathogens. While in other countries, wearing caps is considered as part of female nurses’ outfits. 

16. The top occupational health concern of Nurses

Back injury is the top occupational health concern of nurses working in hospitals across the world. According to a 2011 survey, around 59% of nurses have a fear that they might face a back injury. 

Furthermore, nursing and midwifery students also have risks of occupational hazards that include the physical, psychological, biological, and mechanical types of risks. Some nursing and midwifery students have to face stress and anxiety during their clinical practice due to a fear of caring for their patients. 

17. The first Nursing School

The first Nursing School in the world was established in India back in 250BC, however, the first professional nursing school was St Thomas Hospital in London and Florence Nightengale established it in 1860. 

The purpose of this school was to produce good, educated, professional, and well-trained nurses to serve in the hospitals, healthcare and provide care to the patients. 

18. The most difficult Exam for Foreign Nurses

So what is the most difficult exam for foreign nurses? Japan’s nursing exam for foreign nurses is the most difficult exam so far as per the reports. According to data, within the last five years, out of 741 applicants participating in Japan’s Nursing Exam for foreign nurses, only 96 could pass the exam. 

19. National Student Nurses Day

May 8 is the National Student Nurses Day that is celebrated to honor the hard work that nursing students do across the globe. National Student Nurses Day was first celebrated in 1998 and since then it is celebrated annually. 

20. National School Nurse Day

May 12 stands as the National School Nurse Day. This day is celebrated to acknowledge the services of Nurses and Nursing Schools for humanity. 

21. Nurses Work in Industries

It is true that 40% of nurses do not work professionally in the healthcare sector or hospitals, Instead, nurses also work in different other industries. These industries are not focusing on patient care. 

The popular industries other than hospitals where nurses do perform their duties include health insurance, medical writing, medical business, counseling, and informatics. 

22. Number of Nurses in the United States

The United States of America is the biggest country to have nurses which include both national and international. 

Furthermore, it is interesting fact about nursing that nurses are three times the number of physicians in the United States. 

23. Men in Nursing 

The number of men in the nursing profession is increasing day by day. An increased amount of interest is showing in male nursing in the United States. 

According to the states of 2018, men proportion in the total nursing population was around 9.6% which increased from 7.1% in 2018. 

24. National Nurses Week 

Out of other interesting facts about nurses, you must remember the national nursing days and weeks. The 4th week of May is the National Nurses Week in the United States. 

25. Registered Nurses in the United States

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2020 survey reveals that there are around 3million nurses working in the United States.

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