Best Scrubs for Nurses

Practically, nurses live in their scrubs for more than 12 hours, and this is the reason they want their scrubs and shoes to be comfortable, stylish, and practical. However, finding the best scrubs for nurses is not an easy job. So, while searching for the scrubs nurse, doctors and other medical professionals usually look for:

  • Best nursing scrubs 2023
  • Designer scrubs
  • Best scrubs for curvy women
  • Luxury medical scrubs
  • Cherokee scrubs

Nursing scrubs come in various shapes, sizes, and colors like other clothing stuff. This post will help you choose the best scrubs in price, their pros, and cons, and finally, “Our Final Verdict.”

Check out the best Scrubs available in 2023!

01. KOI Basics 373 Women’s Becca Scrub


  • Material: Polyester and spandex
  • Breathable & Easy Care
  • Lightweight Scrub
  • Top-Quality Scrub

Koi Basics – top luxury medical scrubs. Koi Basics will provide the best scrubs for Nurses (women) in 2023. The company manufactures stylish scrubs for nurses that perform well.

Their pull-on closure is easy to wear and take off the top. A V-shaped neckline and a bungee loop for the ID badge make it more favorable to nurses.

Lightweight and breathable stuff give you the confidence to stick with this clothing. Also, you can wash them in a machine. Thus their machine wash feature makes them different from other scrubbing brands. Becca gives its customers a variety of 20 colors according to their taste.

Classic Features:

Becca’s customers mostly compliment that their stuff is cute. Polyester and spandex are the main ingredients in KOI tops. Features are very classic that can’t be defeated.
A classic V-Neckline and bungee for the ID badge make it more lovable. Rib-knit trim on the sides adjusts the top according to your figure. Moreover, side pockets are the harpoon to keep your mobile and other accessories.

Moreover, Becca’s pull-on closure is easy to wear and take off. Fashionable thumbhole sleeves make them more attractive and helpful, especially in summer. The side tie has beautiful flower beads that add cuteness to it.

In addition, contrast print facing and double-needle stitching add stability to the dress. The variety of 20 colors is a plus to your classic style.

Lightweight and breathable:

Lightweight and breathable Becca Scrub tops were the best nursing scrubs in 2021. Currently, they are serving their clients in 2023. Iron-free stuff needs no iron and stays long. The top is comfortable, and you will not replace it fast.

The super lightweight fabric is a great match for summer. However, a long sleeve underneath will make it a great choice even in winter. Moreover, stretchy stuff makes it the perfect fit both for slim and healthy women.

A yoga-style rib waistband is a perfect addition to compress it whenever you feel its robe. Mock wrap with adjustable side tie and adjustable inner and outer pockets carry your instruments easily.

Durable and easy care:

Becca Scrub tops are durable and easy to care for. You can wash them in the machine. Moreover, iron-free stuff saves your time and effort of ironing. Polyester combines with spandex to make it more durable even in all weathers.

Microfiber stretches have been made to stay long. The 25.5 lengthy top is easy to care for and washable both with hands and machine. Soft and pretty fabric resists the torn.


  • Soft and pretty fabric
  • It fits well and is comfortable
  • Long-lasting scrubs
  • Material is flexible
  • Consists of four pockets
  • Also hidden cell phone pocket


  • Size priorities differ
  • Unstritched Material

02. Best Unisex – Cherokee Women’s Infinity Crew Neck Scrubs Shirt


  • Material: 95% polyester & 5% spandex
  • Both for Men and Women
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Wear & Wash

Cherokee luxury medical scrubs are leading on the list of Amazon for their perfect style and comfort. Cherokee has been a well-known brand for its quality scrubs to health professionals for more than 40 years.

Cherokee scrubs come for both male and female nurses. Rich colors and sizes complement soft, durable, and comfortable fabric with ample pockets for all body types. With affordable prices between $35-40, they will provide the best scrubs for nurses in 2023.

Comfortable for both men and women:

The unisex design with a V-neck top and pants is comfortable for men and women. Three cargo pockets add a unique style to your personality. Their line-up offers a specific fabric that supports a professional look.

Cherokee scrubs empower you to perform your tasks without changing your wardrobe. Specific antimicrobial technology keeps you calm, collected, cool and covered during your duty. In addition, four-way moisture features are fashionable for you.

Washable in the machine:

Cherokee also incorporates 95% polyester and 5% spandex as most scrubs to design excellent scrubs for nurses. Imported design is competent in machine wash. Its round neck and shoulder yokes design apparel in all body types at an affordable fortune.

Additionally, Cherokee scrubs with line-up products are beneficial for both males and females. Wrinkle-free fabric and moisture-wicking colors stay long, even after repeated washings in the machine.

Badge loop:

A variety of Cherokee scrubs sets have a badge loop to help your badge in a good way. The ID badge loop sits to the top of true-to-size outerwear. Their workwear scrubs give you a professional look. Also, its durable feature makes it different from other outwears.

What makes it different? Cherokee uniforms are imported from the nurses’ best choice platform. It means you can use them confidently. Moreover, their round necks make them easy to wear and take off.


  • Less vibrant even after several washes
  • The fabric is silky and comfortable
  • Resist the fur sticking to the fabric
  • Light, stretchy, and breathable
  • Good quality, long-lasting materiaL


  • Sleeves are short for women
  • Expensive for some buyers

03. Best scrubs for women- Grey’s Anatomy 4153 Women’s Riley


  • Material: High Quality fabric & polyester
  • Imported Design
  • Lightweight with 3 Pockets
  • Multiple Colors Available

Imported designed scrub stays with you long last, even on the worst days of your job when you are stuck with your duty and unable to pay proper attention to washing and buying new scrubs. That’s why Anatomy has been the best nursing scrubs 2023’s brand.

Laura O works in a hospital in the United States. She shared her views about Grey’s Anatomy scrubs in this way:

She is 5.5 and purchased a 34 D. She was happy with the style and delivery of scrub with a tapered waist to wear around her body as she used traditional scrubs and is not satisfied with them because of their unflattering. Thus, Grey’s scrub allows her excellent hourglass figure. Moreover, she found that the scrubs are highly durable for five years after continuous wash.

Three pockets and a mock wrap:

This short-sleeve scrub top has three pockets to put your accessories inside the pocket. Moreover, it has a mock wrap with a back tab to fit and unfit it according to your body structure.

What makes it different?

Grey’s Anatomy scrub is designed for women in various colors. Thus, it gives confidence to all women nurses that they can choose their favorite color without any worries. Also, it is figure flattering and adjusts to all types of bodies.


  • Perfectly fitted top your body shape
  • Xs petite pants are the perfect match for tiny legs
  • Stylish nursing scrub for curving women
  • The unstretched design makes you more comfortable
  • Quality fabric with correct measurements.


  • Several hangtags and inner markings
  • Fabric is lean; you have to wear something underneath

04. Best for diverse pockets lovers- Just Love Women’s Scrub


  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Battery: Two 1500mAh Lithium battery
  • Weight: 2.1kg

Just love is introducing medical scrubs for women. They prepare their scrubs with 55% cotton and 45% polyester. That makes this set of scrubs more comfortable and soft to wear.

Their supported stitching makes their scrubs more durable and the best Scrubs for nurses.

Furthermore, the brand uses a functional drawstring and elastic band to make it easy to hold around your hips. In addition, their intense color and fabric are machine-friendly. Toss your srub into the machine to get a clean scrub without losing its color.

Affordable price is a plus of the Just love brand for you. Secondly, they manufacture matching tops and pants to show a decent look to their users. You can consider them ideal for professional and student nurses.

Drawing closure:

Just love is the phrase of love for your personality. The soft scrub relaxes you on tired, exhausting days. Moreover, drawing closure and the elastic band perfectly fit your body. Furthermore, removing closure comforts you more when you drawstring to provide your body structure.

Most comfortable scrubs:

Just love women’s scrubs that are stylish, comfortable, and roomy to breathe easily. You can use them in the summer season.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or a professional female nurse; just love is only made for you. The brand launches its scrubs in matching tops and pants in various colors to make you more attractive. An excellent quality blend of polyester and cotton is easy to wear and clean.

What makes it different?

In the market, where Grey’s Anatomy offers three-pocket scrubs, Just love makes a difference by providing six pockets on their scrub set. How wonderful to have six pockets on your workwear. Thus you can store all your accessories from your mobile phone to lipstick in your work outfit.


  • Affordable price and intense colors
  • Thick fabric that is not tapered to your body
  • Clothes remain wrinkle-free even after machine washing
  • Fabric does not shrink
  • Scrubs are lightweight


  • A little bit tight to your legs
  • Unmet with hospital needs

05. Have easy-care features- Workwear Professionals Men Scrubs


  • Material: Poplin Fabric
  • Multiple colors and styles
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable & Easy Washable

Cherokee authentic menswear scrubs offer plenty of storage space. You can keep your accessories within the instrument’s slotted pockets. In addition, a chest patch pocket will keep your NIC and cell phone safe and reachable.

Jeffrey J is a clinical nurse from the United States. He described his experience as:
“I was very impressed with this scrub top, so much so that I ordered another one. I work in a clinical lab and don’t like to wear my street clothes to work because they can get damaged. This scrub was a good price, the material is nice and medium weight, not too thin, not too thick, and between the two tops, I can get through the workweek. They wash up nice, and overall, very impressed with the quality.”

Moreover, the V neckline makes it comfortable to put in and off the shirt. Short sleeves make it more of a favorite for summer lovers. In addition, the logo patch on its sleeves makes it attractive. That’s why it has been the best scrubs for nurses since 2020.

Durable even wash after wash:

This scrub is manufactured with poplin fabric. Poplin fabric is soft and keeps its softness after various washes. Moreover, a polyester, spandex, and cotton blend make it more durable even after washing.

You will observe this material is wrinkle-free with color fade resistance. Plus, it holds its shape after various wears. In case of small wrinkles, cool ironing reshapes them perfectly.

Two-way stretchy:

Proficient nurses work hard all day. So they want their workwear as severely as their work. Under your belt, workwear professionals Men’s scrubs work as you wish. The soft and two-way stretch poplin fabric is a blessing that provides you comfort and style.

Furthermore, other materials like spandex and cotton increase mobility. Also, make your duty movement easy and fresh.

Easy-care features make it different:

As mentioned above, professional workwear scrubs are comfortable and durable even after wear. Moreover, the scrubs are easy to wash and machine-friendly. Also, they are long-lasting and have color retention.


  • Stylish with several deep pockets
  • Affordable and easy to wear
  • Fits nicely on broad shoulders


  • Fabric attracts lint and other particles

06. Designer scrubs- HeartSoul Love Always HS665 Women’s V-Neck Solid Scrub Top


  • Material: Polyester & Poplin
  • Four-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • 3 Pockets for Inner ut

Heart soul love is different from workwear professionals because the brand provides four-way stretchy fabric. At the same time, workwear allows only two ways. Our team suggests Heartsoul love for its better stretchy fabric than workwear professionals.

Four-way stretch fabric makes it better than workwear professional:

Angelina bought Heart soul love’s small red top. She described her experience in this way:
“I bought this top to go with the break-on through scrub bottoms. I was worried that the colors wouldn’t completely match, and they didn’t yet; it’s not noticeable. Only if you are super picky or looking for it. I got a small size, and it is easy to get on and off. Some of my tops are very difficult to get on or off, and I rub my makeup or deodorant. It’s very comfy and flattering. I especially love the heart accents they add to the tops and bottoms. I am super happy with my purchase!”

Their manufacturing formula consists of polyester and poplin. Lightweight and durable fabric is smooth and stretchy, making you comfortable outlasting your tough work shift. This is a plus-size scrub for healthy women.

Filled with feminine features:

You will be glad to know that this nursing shirt has been crafted with feminine features and love details. The brand is conscious of its quality and smooth performance. That’s why it prepares this top with signature woven tape and stretch fabric.

Furthermore, the company adds a heat transfer neck label and gold heart-shaped cringles near the neckline to comfort you. Also, it creates a gold heart charm at the front edge of the shirt to make you grateful and fresh during your busy routine.

Three pockets have inner utility:

Another feature that makes heart soul love tops different from the brands mentioned earlier is its three pockets. In detail, the instrument loop is stitched in the left pocket to keep extra nursing gear. Moreover, the right bag has a hidden utility pocket with a hidden gold printed message.

Further, each pocket has gold decorative heart-shaped grommets at its edges. More specifically, outer pockets have enough space for storing an iPhone. Also, it has been the best nursing scrubs in 2021.


  • Decent style
  • Quality material
  • Fabric is thinner than its competitors


  • Size is inconsistent
  • Thin Fabric for who love thick ones

07. Stylish nursing scrubs- Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform Women and Men Scrubs Set


  • Material: Blend of Polyester & Rayon
  • Perfect fit for men & women
  • Lightweight & Easy to Wash
  • Decent to wear
  • Affordable

Dagacci uses Rayon and polyester blend to make this beautiful scrub set for men and women. This V-neck junior style top is easy to put in and out with elastic closure pants.

“Bought these scrubs for a cadaver lab that I’m in, and they work great! I’m 5’6/150 lb/female, and the size medium fits just fine, a bit on the bigger side. They have lots of pockets and came out fine when I machine washed them and dried them. Would buy again!”

Courtney D, a healthcare worker from the UK, shared her thoughts with our research team. Let’s go through their opinion about Dagacci scrubs.

V-neck fits to unisex:

Elastic closure Dagacci scrubs set is the foremost choice of unisex scrub lovers. A V-neck junior style top massively fits your body and makes you more attractive. Also, its fitted back with curves makes your professional look more skinny.

Moreover, the twill blended with polyester and Rayon keeps the fabric soft and stretchy. You will find it durable even after regular washes.

The tagless neck makes it different from Wonderwink scrubs:

As mentioned above, the curvy top comforts you more with a skinny look on your back. Moreover, the brand removed its tag from the neck when they scanned customers’ feedback on the other brands’ scrubs. This compassion of Dagacci makes it superior to the Wonderwink scrubs brand.

Further, the brand offers a waistband for adding decentness to your personality. Its multi-patched pockets are a blessing for pocket lovers. Dagacci added a multi-section accessory to each of their pockets for securing your accessories.

Outside rummy pocket pants:

Dagacci medical pants are super easy to wear with their elastic closure adjustable drawstring. Two round side roomy pockets on the waist allow enough space to keep your medical equipment and other accessories. Moreover, three cargo pockets are also stitched on the pants to secure your cell phone. Thus the set hits the list of best Scrubs for nurses.


  • Get fewer wrinkles than other scrubs
  • Free up stains in one wash
  • Have an attractive appearance


  • Less flexible than other brands’ scrubs
  • The material is a little bit itchy

08. Best for pregnancy- Med Couture Women’s Maternity Top


  • Material: Polyester
  • Comfortable & Easy Washable
  • Lightweight
  • Best fitting

Lightweight fabric makes you light and comfortable all day. Its easy-to-wear feature has been designed to use right out of the dryer. Its manufacturing is completed with polyester, a soft, lightweight, and ready-to-wear material.

Saliva spoke to our team; “BEST PURCHASE EVER! I’m 5 “1 and weighed 138 at 28 weeks gestation. I got a small (pictured in Grey) and medium (pictured in black) for the growing room. To be honest, the small one still has plenty of room for me to grow, and I’d say the black medium even runs a bit large. The material is amazingly soft, and I’m so comfortable in these maternity scrub tops. I highly recommend them!”

Though Med Couture has been serving its customers for over 30 years online and offline, they are the best company in making long-lasting scrubs.

Best fitting:

The versatile maternity top is the perfect fit for your body. The brand makes it for pregnant women to keep their coverage needs in mind. That’s why it is the best scrubs for women, especially pregnant nurses.

The top features side knit panels to adjust the top size according to your belly size. Also, it has adjustable bungees to fit and lose your top to make it size-friendly.

Maternity features differ it from other brands:

It is the best scrub for pregnant women as All its features have been designed to make pregnant women more confident during their working hours. A V-neckline top with adjustable bungees and maternity scrub pants is perfect for you.

Both the scrub and pants are stretchy and sporty. That handles your busy routine as you do yourself.


  • Made for maternity purposes
  • Stretchy and adaptable fabric
  • Adjustable with stips around your belly


  • Unflattered and cinched waist
  • Large and baggy

09. Best scrubs for curvy women- WonderWink Women’s Scrubs Bravo 5-Pocket V-Neck Top


  • Material: Quality soft fabric
  • Breathable and comfy
  • Lightweight to wear
  • Best Scrubs for healthy nurses

Comfortable for healthy female nurses: What will you feel when you find a perfect piece to cover your healthy figure during tiring working hours? Well! You will definitely feel amazing. That’s why Wonderwink prepared this comfortable scrub set for healthy women. Pretty long pants slim your belly and fully cover your inner body parts and clothes.

Christine is working in a hospital in the USA. She shared her thoughts about the Wonderwink scrubs set.

“FINALLY!!!! Perfect fit for me at 5 “9 and husky large big-boned female. Excellent quality, buying more….prime shipping delivered in less than 32 hours. This supplier is on the ball.
Material is on the thick side, but that is the intent of true scrubs. Love the pockets, seams.”

Excellent quality at an affordable price:

It is the most feasible scrub for those who believe in saving and quality fabric. The scrub set has the perfect length and the most affordable price among the list of 10 scrub sets. If you are a true saving believer, you must go with this scrub set that maintains quality at cheap rates.

Hidden storage space:

These scrubs are more beneficial for their hidden storage space and perfectly fit. The room comforts you to keep your items in it. Wonderwink added five pockets to this scrub set with hidden mesh pockets, making it the favorite choice of scrub users.

Moreover, it is a minor wrinkle set with drawstrings in pants. Strong and sealant drawstring stays in place even in bending position.


  • Perfectly works for clinical rotations
  • Affordable starter set scrubs
  • Thick and stiff cloth


  • Material is like a dark air filter
  • A smiley tag is attached to a couple of places on the top

10. Modern design- Healing Hands Purple Label Women’s 2167 Jane Top


  • Material: Top-Quality Polyester
  • Enough storage space
  • Fashionable & Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple Colors

Purple Label’s scrubs are a combination of style and durability. Also, they pay special attention to customers’ fitting so that their customers look incredible. Their color saturation also lasts even after various washings.

Let’s share us Jasmine’s review about this scrub top: “When I first started working at the hospital, I didn’t know which scrubs I’d like better or find more comfortable, so I got one of each (your typical ones: Cherokee, Greys Anatomy by Barco, and some others along with the Purple Label). My Grey’s Anatomy started thinning out between the thighs six months later. So I bought a new bottom, which only lasted another six months. I tried contacting their customer care, and they said that they couldn’t do anything. Other scrubs are starting to thin out too.

This point washes out Cherokees. The only pair that lasted is my Purple Label by Healing Hands (except a ripped drawstring). So I ordered two more pairs, and they fit great. I am 5,4, and size 8. I got both medium and regular length. Fit perfectly!”

Durable with plenty of storage:

The nurses prioritize the vast storage space to keep their accessories at their fingertips. That’s why Purple Label gives its customers the comfort of enormous pocket space. They sew two deep front patch pockets on the top to give you large space for ample storage.

Fashionable and top-quality:

Jane 2167 top is made to match your needs and urges. If you are looking for a quality fashionable top, it will be the most comfortable scrubs for you. Their tailors go with triple-needle stitching details on the pockets and neckline to make it more durable.

The Y-shaped neck’s modern design makes it different:

Every scrub we suggested you have something different from others. Similarly, the Y-shaped neck and modern design of the Healing Hands’ Jane top make it different from others. Because this is unique from the typical V-necked tops, nurses who want variety in their scrubs can choose these scrubs to collaborate their fashion sense with duty.

Modern designed, Y-shaped top gives you the stylish look that you deserve. Besides, the triple-needle stitching gives you the durability you want. Additionally, this purple label collection is lightweight and soft to wear.


  • Feminine and pretty neckline
  • Super soft features
  • Lightweight material


  • The sizing is smaller than the size chart
  • Lack of solid stitching

Final Verdict:

Finding the best nursing scrubs for you is difficult, especially in 2023, when various brands compete by providing unique features to their customers. However, choosing the suitable scrub for you isn’t rocket science, but it’s a little bit tricky.

When it comes to finding the right pair for you, many questions arise in your mind. For instance, you look for comfortable, plenty of pockets, wrinkle-free or fewer wrinkles, stretchy, easy to wash, and breathable scrub set because of long working hours.

I added the top 10 scrubs set in this article because of their unique features and comfortability; however, Heartsoul is the best choice for you. It has comfortable features in a stylish way that meets your elegant sense with top-notch quality and four-time stretchy fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many pairs of scrubs are essential for nurses?

According to doctor Mary, a BSN nurse in Canada, nurses should have at least 2-3 pairs of scrubs at one time. In case of any inconvenience, their scrubs must be stained, and they can’t wash them before the shift. Thus, they can change their scrub and wear clean scrub each time.

Can nurses wear their favorite colored scrubs?

There is no color specified for nurses, depending on their working schedule and environment. Most nurses have to wear solid scrub colors. However, they can also wear fashionable printed scrubs in the doctor’s offices and nurse homes.

How often should nurses wash their scrubs?

It is essential to wear fresh scrubs every shift. Thus, you should have more than one pair because of your busy schedule and shorter time for washing. In case of stains on your scrubs, remove them with color-safe stain remover and then wash.

What color of scrubs do army nurses wear?

Often army nurses wear the same scrubs as other nurses do. However, they are bound to wear ACUs to present themselves as military members as their combat fellows. In most cases, army nurses wear their outfits after their commanding officer’s approval.

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