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Looking to go through the On Running shoes for nurses reviews? Well, after fully testing the On Running Shoes we are writing honest review for nurses and doctors out there looking to buy On Running Products!

All of the shoes that we will review here through this guide are self-tested and we are writing it after analyzing the stuff these shoes are made of and the overall quality to pricing!

So, are all these shoes good enough for wearing long hours? Well, through this review guide for On Running Shoes we will discuss about their durability, comfort, and design. We will also discuss their salient features from inner sole to laces in detail. If you are looking for a buying guide for On Running shoes then do not look elsewhere. You are right where you are supposed to be.

Let us examine the world-famous On Running Shoes!

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A Little Bit About the Company

On is a Swiss-based company known for Athletic footwear and sportswear. On is also referred to as On Running. The company is famous for making running shoes and clothes for professional athletes. On was established as a sports goods company in 2010 and introduced its first footwear product ‘Cloudracer’ in 2012. This performance footwear was favored by a couple of athletes. Best known athlete who favored the ‘Cloudracer’ was Olympic gold medalist Nicola Spirig.

As for now, On Running Company has more than 6000 retailers in more than 55 countries worldwide. Its biggest market is the United States where it alone occupies about 7% of the running shoe market. Mere numbers are sufficient enough for establishing the authenticity and capability of the company in delivering the best running shoes. In this era of specialization, On Running is producing specific shoes i.e. performance footwear or professional running shoes.

On Running claims to be an inventor and maker of modern Cloudtec technology. Cloudtec technology is used for cushioning and patented designs and colors in shoes by only this particular company. The company owns the legal rights of Cloudtec and uses the technology as its unique selling point. The scientific magic trick seems to work as last time we checked The On Running’s IPO was raised to $746 million. 

The On Company has also founded and sponsors the running group of professional athletes which is known as ‘On Athletics Club’. The club has produced multiple Olympic finalists. We need not say that all the athletes in ‘On Athletics Club’ wear and support On Running shoes.

On Running Shoes for Nurses

A nurse’s duty involves dashing between corridors. She is often moving from corridor to corridor and visiting different patients in different rooms. Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals stand for hours during surgery. The shift of a nurse also has long hours and can last up to 12 hours a day and sometimes even longer. Comfortable, durable, and professional shoes are a must-have accessory for a nurse. On Running shoes for nurses are among the best choices when it comes down to an ideal pair of shoes.

Nurses and healthcare professionals have been using running shoes of different brands like Hoka One One, Nike, Adidas, and many more. These brands, no doubt, have produced a couple of pairs of shoes which are good for running and moving. But On specializes in manufacturing professional athletic footwear and this is where it beats behind all its rivals. On running shoes for nurses are ideal for a couple of reasons.

Check out Top-3 Picks

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe
  • Branded Adidas Shoes
  • 100% Synthetic Material
  • Hugs the Feet
  • Super comfortable
  • Light to Wear
New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Running Shoe
  • Branded New Balance
  • Fresh Foam Midsole
  • Perfectly fits the Heel
  • Comfy Shoes
  • Lightweight to wear
New Balance Women’s Foam Beacon V3 Running Shoe
  • Premium New Balance
  • Made in USA Product
  • Comfortable Sole
  • Ultra Heel design
  • Lighter, Softer Feel

Podiatrist Recommend On Running Shoes for Nurses

No amount of words and arguments can replace the recommendation of a podiatrist while choosing a pair of shoes. The nature of the job of a nurse carries a potential risk of back pain, hurting feet and ankle, and plantar fasciitis. Nurses cover a considerable distance in terms of kilometers while working in the field. Although their walks are short cumulatively they make a minimum of five to ten kilometers a day. 

A typical nurse will cover this distance day in and day out for more than twenty years.

This job makes footwear a very important accessory. People like nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals must pay heed to the advice of a podiatrist while buying a pair of shoes to wear on duty. 

Dr. Davison, a podiatrist, expresses his views about On Running shoes, “I’m a big fan of On Cloudflow sneakers”. He goes on elaborating his point of view by saying that these shoes have a cushion. They are supportive of the feet. A person wearing them will not be distracted by pain as his feet are being supported by the shoes and will focus on the job he is doing. 

“The bottom line is there’s a cushion. They’re supportive. They are doing the job of supporting the foot so you can focus on your job without suddenly being distracted by pain.”  These are the words of a podiatrist, Dr. Davison. He recommends On Running shoes to people who are suffering from back pain or plantar fasciitis. 

While Dr. Davison is recommending the On Running shoes to his patients to combat the ailment, we recommend the On Running shoes for nurses to avoid any ailment. After all, we all believe that prevention is better than cure.

Features of On Running Shoes for Nurses

Besides a podiatrist’s recommendation, many other attractive features of On Running Shoes force people to buy these shoes again and again. Their color and design, out mesh of the shoe, inner socks, tip and tongue, and elasticized laces all are unique and boast of a beautiful amalgamation of aesthetics and comfort. Let us look at these features in detail.

  • Fit and Design

Swiss are famous for their extraordinary designs and exuberant colors. On Running shoes are no exception. These shoes show excellent flair of Swiss design and color. The design of most of the On Running shoes follows the classic minimalistic style. From reflective decals to the tiny Swiss Flag at the back of the shoe adds to the beauty of the product. 

The upper side is manufactured by using mixed fabrics which gives it a varying texture. The company uses a wide range of classic and yet very particular color variants. The resulting pair of shoes is unmatched not only in durability and comfort but also in beauty and style.

On Running company releases a newer version of the old form of shoes with new colors and innovative design tweaks. People are drawn to buy that particular new design and color every year. Newer models in old forms with the help of science and technology are not limited to mobile phone companies these days. Footwear companies like On Running have also adopted this trend successfully. 

  • Outer Mesh

Outer mesh of On Running shoes varies from model to model. There are two basic types of material used as outer mesh i.e. waterproof and breathable. You can go for waterproof shoes if you feel like it. Their outer surface will stop water from entering the shoe effectively. Most On Running shoes for nurses are not waterproof.

The outer mesh of On Running shoes is a little stretchable and breathable. The toe cap of the shoe is plastic coated which prevents water from entering the shoe in case of a splash. The Plastic coated toe cap of the shoe also prevents warm or cold wind from hitting your toe while running or walking.

There are strips at the outer mesh which hold the fabric together. This elegant and innovative design also serves a purpose. It prevents the shoe from having creases or fraying edges, which is typical of sewing technology. 

  • Inner Socks

Many pairs of On Running shoes like On Cloud, On Cloudflow, On Cloudace, and  On Cloudx have an inner sock that combines the tongue with the forefoot. This makes the forefoot lash down closely and snug the tongue so that it may not move out of its place. The inner sock also reduces seams inside the shoe which makes it even more comfortable.

The inside of the shoe is also equipped with soft rubbery stripes which run horizontally or vertically in the inner sole. These rubbery stripes in the inner sole provide a solid and yet soft grip to the feet and feet do not move out of place while walking or running.

  • The Tongue

These shoes have a tongue and they can speak! Do not be deceived dear reader. By tongue, we mean the part of the shoe below the laces which covers the upper part of your feet. It is soft, slim, and lightweight. This portion gives a delicate touch to your feet and enables you to wear the shoe without socks if that is your thing. Maxim of minimalist style and weight is kept in view while designing this part of the shoe.

  • Elastic Laces

Durable, slim, and elasticized laces of On shoes say goodbye to flap and hanging laces of old fashions. Innovation, technology, and style are not only at their best in the making of the shoe but also show their excellence in color, design, and proper length of the laces. 

Best On Running Shoes for Nurses

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals like and wear professional athletic shoes from On. It is a fact that On Running shoes are best for nurses. They are a bit pricey though but their durability and comfort justify the price.

If you are a nurse or doctor and you are going to buy On Running shoes, you will have to go through a wide range of products. We have picked up some products from On Running shoes for nurses, based upon the user’s reviews and feedback on Amazon. People love wearing this footwear and so will you.

01. Cloudflow

On Running, Cloudflow is incredibly lightweight, just 8.20 oz., and is manufactured for long-distance racing. An athlete likes it for its purpose-built functionality but it is also largely liked by people who are constantly on the move. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium Cloudflow Shoes
  • USA Made Product
  • Super Quality Mesh
  • Durable & Breathable
  • Comfortable Fit Design
  • Best for Nurses & Doctors

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive for Some Buyers

Nurses and other health care professionals love Cloudflow and recommend this product to their colleagues. Cloudflow proves to be a true companion of your duty when it comes to durability and comfort. Most people get the shoe of their size easily and fit and size is relatively more convenient in this ravishing footwear.

02. On Cloud

On Cloud shares all the features of Cloudflow and is known as super fast. It is claimed to be the lightest shoe to this date by many users. Its weight is just 6.98 oz. People with wider feet face problems regarding the size and fit of On cloud shoes. If you do not have wider feet, then you can go for these shoes as well.

ON Women’s Cloudswift Sneakers

On women’s Cloudswift Sneakers are the most preferred nursing shoes among nurses and doctors working in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.


  • Super Comfortable Shoes
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Pure Rubber Sole
  • Fine Mesh

Final Words 

Are On Running Shoes for nurses and other healthcare professionals? Should nurses buy On Running shoes? These questions and all other questions like these have only one answer. A big Yes!

On manufactures, shoes for professional runners but these shoes are equally good for people who are constantly moving back and forth all day. Nurses are constantly on their feet, moving or standing, for most hours of their shift timings. This very fact makes this athletic footwear made just for nurses.

On Running shoes for nurses will not only provide comfort in day-to-day life but will also prevent the risk of developing back pain or any sort of foot-ache. We strongly recommend you get one pair of your favorite color before a podiatrist suggests you get one. 

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