Blacklisted & Banned Nursing Colleges in Pakistan

Nursing is undoubtedly a valuable profession; besides caring for the patients physically, nurses perform an emotional job while working in the hospitals and clinics . Nurses help sufferers to fight their disease mentally. They are the ones to spend more time with their patients than a doctor does. Furthermore, nurses are equipped with the complete information on how to react and deal with any unfortunate emergency. Therefore, It would not be wrong to regard them as the backbone of the healthcare sector of the world.

Earlier, the profession was not much recognized, but people are getting more inclined now to be a part of the nursing field. Every year hundreds of efficient nursing students are being graduated from different nursing colleges in Pakistan. These institutes have affiliations with multiple hospitals and Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) to provide the best theoretical and practical nursing education to the students to ensure the best nursing future in the country.

Several articles are available on the internet to guide you about the top nursing colleges in Pakistan. However, minimal information is available on institutes that offer fraudulent degrees and waste students’ efforts, time, and money.

So students must be careful and research thoroughly before getting enrolled into BSN program in any nursing college in Pakistan! In today’s guide, we are going to share with you the the list of banned nursing colleges and the risks associated with these if you unfortunately have gotten admission in these blacklisted colleges.

Risks associated with Blacklisted Nursing Colleges in Pakistan

Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) has banned or blacklisted several institutes offering BS nursing programs. These all are private nursing colleges of Pakistan. PNC has their reasons for putting this ban but what’s important is that you should know about the consequences you would have to face if you get associated with these colleges.

The degree offered by these colleges is not acceptable, and you wouldn’t be allowed to practice nursing anywhere in the country. It means that all your money, time, and efforts will go wasted, and you will have nothing but regret. That’s why we say ‘precaution is better than cure. Hence, please scroll below to get the list of nursing colleges that are not worth your attention and even guide your friends about it.

But let’s first have a brief look at Pakistan Nursing Council.

What is Pakistan Nursing Council?

Pakistan Nursing Council, also regarded as PNC, is the official regulatory body established by the PNC act in 1948. It holds the power to approve and license nursing colleges, institutes, and affiliates to teach students who can practice nursing all over the country. The degree acquired by PNC approved nursing institutes is valued; anything else is rejected.

List of Banned Nursing Colleges In Pakistan

It is important to know that nursing institutes are banned/delisted by PNC to avoid future regret. If you or any of your closed one  is planning to become a nurse in the future, stay away from below listed colleges as they hold no value, and it will be a total waste of time and money to be associated with them.

List of Blacklisted/Banned Nursing Colleges in Pakistan!

  1. Halal Nursing and Midwifery School, Faisalabad, Punjab
  2. Professional Studies Institute of Nursing, Faisalabad, Punjab
  3. Boston International College of Nursing, Faisalabad, Punjab
  4. Muhammadan College of Nursing, Punjab
  5. Pak International College of Nursing, Punjab
  6. Aman Institute of Health Sciences and Nursing, Sindh
  7. Media-Aid School of Nursing, Sindh
  8. Pari Institute of Nursing & Health Sciences, Sindh
  9. Kianat Institute of Nursing, Sindh
  10. Mardan College of Nursing, KPK
SS: Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC)


Note: All the colleges are private; none belong to the Government of Pakistan. PNC has licensed all the govt. nursing colleges of Pakistan.

You must have been aware of the importance and sensitivity the nursing profession holds; hence it is important for the students studying this field to be prepared with the best skills and practical experience. All of which can only be achieved by a well-reputed institution with the best teachers and affiliation with hospitals.

PNC investigates all these aspects before providing licenses to nursing institutes to issue authorized degrees. Hence, you must beware of fake and banned nursing colleges of Pakistan listed above to avoid any authentication issue in the future.

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