PESSI Nursing College – The Punjab Employees Social Security Institution is going to start its own nursing college in Social Security Hospital situated at Multan Road, Lahore. The organization will utilize a nursing director or consultant to carry out this task.

PESSI Nursing College is being built with an aim to produce the best and most skillful nurses to meet the demand of nurses in PESSI healthcare facilities and medical centers and also for the country’s healthcare sector. 

The decision was made in the 154th meeting of the governing body of PESSI. The meeting was presided over by Labor Minister Ansar Majeed Khan and it has already taken the initiative by approving the position of a nursing director.

PESSI is currently running as many as 251 health care centers for primary medical assistance and 20 hospitals across the province of Punjab, an official concerned to the development put forth.

Accumulatively, 810 nurses are working in these hospitals, 680 of them are charge nurses and the remaining 130 are nurse-sisters. The proposal presented to the governing body of the organization also highlighted the importance of nursing staff in providing care and treatment in healthcare facilities.

Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) for healthcare centers require one nurse for eight beds in the general ward per shift and one nurse for every two beds in the ICU ward per shift.

The proposal put forth that to meet these standard criteria and to provide the best health care facilities to the sick and injured, the services of nurses are mandatory.

PESSI plans to educate its nurses to be self-sufficient for the services of the nursing staff. The college will be established at DR. Osama Riaz Shaheed Ward, Social Security Hospital Multan Road, Lahore. The ward only needs nominal structural changes to meet the standards of nursing college set by PNC and UHS.

The government officials of the PESSI stressed that it was need of the hour to build a nursing college on an immediate basis, hiring of a nursing director is required to analyze strategies and layout an action plan to initiate and complete the project in due course of time.

The consultant will also monitor and execute the project of the nursing college as per the criteria set by Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC).

Defining the role of the consultant or nursing director, the PESSI pledged that the consultant will obtain license and affiliation and will be responsible for the commencement of classes after fulfilling all the necessary formalities.

The consultant will also implement project strategies, manage and assign the duties to the team, monitor the project activities, get it recognized and inspected by the regulatory body i.e. Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), and examining body i.e. University of Health Sciences (UHS) along with completing the project within the given time frame.

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