Pakistan Nursing Council announces Nursing admissions with 50% male and 50% female ratio. PNC under the chair of Mrs. Khairunisa Khan announced o enroll nursing students at the ratio of 50% male and 50% female in different nursing colleges in the country.

This admission policy is for both public and private sector organizations that are recognized by PNC. The decision was made in the executive committee meeting of PNC held on 20th October 2021. A notification was subsequently issued. You can read the content of the notification below.

While male nursing is popular all over the world, male nurses in Pakistan were next to nothing. You only meet a female nurse in a health care facility. Only a few male aspirants were practising nursing in private hospitals. Most of them did not even get a chance to get a formal education from an institution.

Now PNC has announced admissions in BS Nursing and MS Nursing at a 50% ratio for both males and females.

The decision is being appreciated by educated circles and the health care industry alike. Male nursing will revolutionize the workforce and health care industry in Pakistan. It will open new doors of employment for Pakistani youth. It will also change people’s perceptions about nursing.

Nursing is a very promising profession in terms of employment and salary. Unfortunately, Pakistani males have been deprived of this gold mine in the past.

Very few male students attended the class in the past. This led to a great drop ratio of male students from nursing degrees. They felt out of the place among so many girls. Their participation in different activities related to nursing was also ignored in an academic year.

The general public also associated nursing with girls only. The last decade saw a significant rise in male nurses in Europe. Trend arrived a little late in Pakistan but now it is here for the greater good of public and male individuals who are interested in this lucrative profession.

Now when the Nursing admissions with 50% male and 50% female ratio notification is dispatched to the nursing colleges and governing bodies for getting suggestions and recommendations that whether PNC should go with this decision or not, it has somehow given hope to the medical students.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in BS Nursing

Pakistan Nursing Council has already laid down the criteria for admission in BS Nursing. Any candidate wishing to go for a four-year degree must fulfil the following criteria as mentioned by the PNC.


Matriculation with science i.e. physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects.

Fsc (pre-medical) with physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects and minimum 50% marks.

Age Limit

14-35 years. The candidate must not be younger than fourteen years and older than thirty-five years at the time of submission of the admission form.

Gender Ratio for Nursing Admissions

Nursing admissions with 50% male and 50% female ratio, students will be admitted. The ratio was decided based on open merit previously.

A fifty percent ratio for male candidates will increase the employment opportunities for male students. It will also increase the number of nurses in the health care facilities as many female nurses do not practice after their degree. They get married and tend to take care of children in Pakistani society.

Male students are many times the sole member of the family who will do a job and earn a livelihood. Male nurses are more likely to pursue a steady career in nursing as compared to female nurses.

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  1. Sabi Ul Hassan says:

    What is price of prospectus paper for Bsc nursing generic

    1. Hi Sabi Ul Hassan, what do you mean by prospectus paper? Prospectus in private nursing colleges is available ranging 300-500PKR, while in the Govt. colleges it is free of cost.

  2. Please btaye ga Kay admission kab tak open hoon gay government college main BSn kay

    1. Admissions in DHQ Nursing Colleges will be opened again soon, however in 15 Nursing colleges of already upgraded admissions will be opened at the end of ongoing year!

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